Folketingets Ombudsmand

Folketingets Ombudsmands Beretning 2010

Pursuant to the provision in section 11(1) of the Parliamentary Ombudsman
Act (Act No. 473 of 12 June 1996 as most recently amended by Act No. 502 of
12 June 2009), the Ombudsman is to submit an annual report on his activities
to Parliament. The report is to be published. In the report, the Ombudsman is
among other things to highlight statements on individual cases which may be of
general interest. The outline of the cases in the report is to contain information
about the explanations given by the authorities concerning the matters criticised
(section 11(2) of the Parliamentary Ombudsman Act).

In accordance with the above provisions, I am hereby submitting my annual
report for the year 2010.

The 2010 report contains articles from the institution’s divisions. The idea is to
provide broader and more general information about important matters, cases
or development trends.

In addition to these articles, the report includes a brief statement from the
office’s director about the general state of the office.
The statistics are appended together with summaries of selected cases from

Copenhagen, September 2011
Hans Gammeltoft -Hansen


Click here to download the Annual Report 2010 (PDF)